Duck League

The Duck League

The Duck League is entering its 8th season in 2017! The league is an individual match play league comprised of 4 flights (A,B,C and D flights). All golfers of varying abilities and age are invited to join the league. League play begins on May 1 at 5:00 p.m. and is held each Monday at that same time.

We already have have a great group of golfers who been playing in the league for a number of years. Included with your league dues of $40 are two cookouts with free food and beverage, handicap tracking, league management and prizes throughout the league season.

League Format

Individual Match Play: 

Upon conclusion of the handicapping rounds each player will be assigned a flight (A, B, C, or D). You will square off each week against an opponent in your flight. You will play your match play round against your opponent and you will either have to give/take/ or draw even on strokes that are allotted for you and your opponent. It is ok to concede putts as long as the putt is for bogey or worse. Since skins can be awarded for pars they must be putted out. Match play is played on a hole by hole basis. Let me know if you have any questions regarding match play and I’ll help out. Everyone will be assigned new handicaps each week based on all of your scores. However, everyone will stay in the same flight that they were originally placed in to begin the year.

Overall Scoring:

1 point is awarded for an outright win
1/2 point is awarded to both players in the event of a tie
O points are awarded for a loss
*1 point is automatically awarded for showing up and playing on Monday during scheduled league times

Regular Season Championship:

We will crown a Regular Season Champion for each flight. Champions will be determined by the most amounts of points accumulated during regular season play. We will also give away prizes for 2nd and 3rd place.


Please use your first name and last name on all scorecards.  All cards must be turned into the active manager in the clubhouse at the end of each round.  Handicaps will be managed through our league manager software and the maximum handicap a player can have is +18 for 9 holes.

League Rules

Jungle Golf – If your ball is hit out of bounds or into a hazard you may play a provisional ball or spot your ball at the nearest entry point to the hazard and penalize your score for that hole with a one stroke penalty. You may move your ball anywhere with your club head within six inches from the original spot (everywhere but the fringe and green).  However, do not improve your position (i.e. around a bush/tree).  No gimmes, no mulligans.  No loss of distance or out of bounds. Drop your ball within two club lengths of the point of entry.

Maximum Stroke Rule – The highest score that may be allotted is a 10 on any hole. If you have reached 10 please pick up your ball and move onto the next hole.

USGA rules hereafter apply.

All Men will play from the white tees, ladies from the reds, and seniors (65 & older) may play from the gold tees.

Make-ups & Forfeits

If you plan on missing any particular week please let Joe and your partner know, so that we are not waiting for you to arrive. Make up matches are allowed but they must be okay’d by your opponent and your score must be verified though a witness. Makeups must take place within two weeks of the scheduled playing date (barring the last week of play). If a player does not show up for their match and makes no plans for a makeup then their match will be forfeited.


Playoffs will start with a double elimination tournament. Points accumulated over the course of the season will determine seeding for the playoffs. Playoffs will start midway through August and continue until a champion is crowned.

All players are entered into the playoffs. Playoff seeding is based on how you finish during the regular season. We play in a double elimination playoff format so if you lose once you are still guaranteed another match in the loser’s bracket. All matches are still match play format in the playoffs and cannot result in a tie. Ties will be broken by a “chip and putt off” on the putting green. Both players will find a spot to hit a chip from to a designated hole. You will then putt out from there. The player that has less strokes until the ball is holed will determine the winner.

Skins & Pins

Skin & Pin games will be voluntary for each golfer. Your name and $5 must be put into the skin box before you go out to play. Shots will be considered valid for the pin shot if you are on the green (not the fringe) and you have signed up for the pin contest. All others will be excluded from skins and pins if money and name is not registered in the clubhouse. The money allotment works as follows: upon entry $2 from each participant will be added to the two pin shot prizes and the remaining $3 dollars will go into any skins prizes. Skins will only be awarded for scores of par or better (a skin will not be rewarded for bogeys). If there are no skins then money will be split amongst the pin shot winners. If no skins or pins are awarded for that week then the money will be carried over for next week. If no one wins one of the pins shots then the money will be allotted towards the skins game.

The Duck League Is Currently at Capacity

If you would like to find out about any openings that may come up this year or for next season, please leave your name and email address below:

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2017 Duck League Schedule

5/1 – #19 Handicapping (skins & pins)

5/8 – #28 Handicapping (skins & pins)

5/15 – #1 Individual Match Play (skins & pins)

5/22 – #10 Individual Match Play (skins & pins)

5/29- N0 League Play – Memorial Day Holiday

6/5 – #19 Individual Match Play (skins & pins)

6/12– #28 (4) Man Scramble Day (skins & pins) – Cookout Day

6/19 – #1 Individual Match Play (skins & pins)

6/26 – #10 Individual Match Play(skins & pins)

7/3 – #19 Individual Match Play (S&P)

7/10 – #28 Individual Match Play (S&P)

7/17 – #1 Individual Match Play (S&P)

7/24 –#10 Playoffs ( S&P)

7/31 – #19 Playoffs (S&P)

8/7 – #28 Playoffs (S&P)

8/14 – #1 Scramble/Fun Day (S&P) – Cookout Day

8/21 – #10 Playoffs (S&P)

8/28 – #19 Playoffs (S&P)

9/4 – No League Play – Labor Day Holiday

9/11 – #28 Playoffs- (Skins & Pins)

9/18 – #1 Rain Out Day (S & P)

9/25 – #10 Rain Out Day (Skins & Pins)