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Playing Through: Mallard Creek Remains Open for Golf

Tee Times Are Required & Prepay Is Strongly Encouraged

Updated: Apr 28, 2020; Posted: Mar 24, 2020

As you may have seen on Facebook or Twitter, the Ohio Department of Health reversed an earlier decision (made Friday, March 27) and is now allowing golf courses to stay open during statewide order regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.

The golf course is open for play with tee times being required. In cooperation with the Lorain County Board of Health, alcoholic beverages will not be available (or permitted on premise) for purchase during the duration of the current statewide order.

With that in mind, we understand the responsibility and importance in providing you, other golfers and our staff with a safe and healthy venue for outdoor recreation. It is important all of our staff members and golfers work in cooperation to maintain everyone’s health and safety.

If you do not adhere to these precautions and/or the state’s order, you will not be permitted to golf during this time. Additionally, you should not come to the golf course if you have a temperature above 98.9° Fahrenheit, have recently travelled anywhere outside of the state, if you are currently high risk and/or feeling ill.

Golf provides all of us with a unique way to relax, exercise and enjoy the outdoors while adhering to current regulations. Our goal has always been to make golf as accessible as ever, and that is as important to us now as it ever has been.

Please take care to be fully aware of the following items prior to reserving your next round of golf here at Mallard Creek. We appreciate your business and hope you and your family stay healthy during this time. Please let us know if you have any questions and we will be happy to assist you.

Current Precautions Being Taken

(Hover over the images below to view a more in-depth explanation of these precautions. All of these precautions are listed in the section below as well.)

There will be no dine-in food in the clubhouse. We are still selling beverages and food to go so that you can take it with you onto the golf course. We will not be allowing customers to put their own condiments on food items (hot dogs, sandwiches, etc.) so that we all avoid communal touching. Employees are engaged in regular hand washing and sanitation procedures.

On the course, you will find all of the cups have been fitted with a modified insert. This is to avoid contamination of both the cup and the flagstick. Please leave all flagsticks in the hole and be sure to only touch your golf ball.

Mallard Creek Golf Club

All carts are sanitized when they are returned after each use. This includes wiping down all steering wheels, cup holders, cubby holes, handles and bag racks. Please make sure to take carts from the corral and not the ‘return carts’ area. Keys will be in the carts already to minimize contact.

Points of contact (door handles, counters, credit card readers, restrooms, etc.) are regularly being cleaned to ensure everyone’s safety at all times. Hand sanitizer and standard cleaners are all on-hand and be used frequently.

All of our staff members are encouraged not to work if they are not feeling well. Each employee is taking their temperature prior to leaving home and upon arriving to work daily. If an employee does not want to work during this time, they are allowed to remain home with no issue.

We will only be allowing four customers at a time in the clubhouse. Please respect this rule for us if we ask you to wait outside while other customers finish up their transactions. This means no more than one foursome are to be in the clubhouse at any given time. You need to maintain your 6-feet of social distance inside/outside of the clubhouse and throughout your entire time on the golf course.

Additional Precautions Being Taken

Please read through all of the following prior to reserving your next round of golf here at Mallard Creek

  • It is required that each person maintains their safe social distance of 6-feet at all times. In the pro shop, outside of the clubhouse and adjacent to the starter’s shack, there is blue tape on the ground designating where to stand and maintain this distance.
  • The door closest to the pro shop counter (eastern side of building) is the only door that is unlocked.
    • This is to maintain social distancing and ensure that no one is congregating in the clubhouse.
    • No more than four customers may be in the pro shop at the same time.
  • Hand sanitizer is on-hand and readily available for both golfers and staff members at all times.
  • All contact points (door knobs, countertops, credit card readers, restrooms, etc.) are all being sanitized frequently.
  • Tee times are required to be made before your arrival to the course.
    • Tee time can be be made online by clicking here or over the phone at (440) 748-8231
  • We are encouraging all golfers to pay for their round of golf prior to arriving. You can pay at the time of reserving your tee time over the phone. You can also call before arriving and pay over the phone that way. This helps us to keep unnecessary contact to a minimum.
    • The ability to pay online when you make your tee time is now available. To encourage a majority of players to pay at the time of reserving their tee time online, a 10% discount is available for all tee times if paid at the time of booking. To do so, please select the RED option, which notates the 10% savings, when reserving your tee time.
  • For golfers who prefer to ride, only one cart will be provided per golfer.
    • Unlike some other courses, we have decided that you will not be required to pay double the standard cart fee.
    • Golf carts are being sanitized between each use.
    • Keys are already in the golf carts to again minimize the need for contact. Keys are also sanitized between each use.
    • For golfers who are walking, they may not place their bag onto another player’s golf cart.
      • We understand this may not be ideal for junior golfers under the age of 18-years old and some others, but it is to maintain the absence of any necessity to share contact points.
    • There are no exceptions to this rule. If at any point in time more than one person is in a single golf cart, they will be removed from the golf course and not permitted to return.
  • The golf cups have been fitted with rings to alleviate the need to touch the golf hole or remove the flagstick.
    • If any golfer attempts to modify this, you will be removed from the facility without refund.
    • If you modify this and are a current Fairways Member, your membership will also be revoked without refund. Don’t be that person!
  • During the duration of the order, we are unable to host any golf tournaments/outings. All tournaments/outings scheduled through May 15, 2020 have been postponed or canceled.
  • The ball washers have been removed from the course.
  • Towels for drying carts will not be provided. Our staff is drying carts using sanitized towels and again sanitizing the golf cart before it’s first use in the morning as well.
  • While we have historically allowed for spectators to accompany golfers, we are not permitting any spectators at this time.

Welcome to Mallard Creek

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Mallard Creek Golf Club is home to beautiful 36-hole public golf course set on 350 acres of gently rolling and lush Northeastern Ohio terrain. Just a short drive from the Cleveland area, residing on the north side of route 82 in Columbia Station, Mallard Creek serves tens of thousands of golfers each year and is home to corporate and fundraising outings, leagues and public tee-times.

Our meticulously maintained course features an expansive layout with some of the best views on the Westside of Cleveland. With lush fairways and true-rolling greens, Mallard Creek is the best choice for you and your friends to tee it up for 9 or 18 holes… or more!

Beyond that, our golf course features full cart paths, 180 golf carts, practice greens, driving range, pavilions, snack bar, and there is also a full-service restaurant next door, Bootleggers!

From the low handicapper to the weekend warrior, Mallard Creek offers a challenging, yet forgiving layout designed to keep pace of play and provide an enjoyable round for all.

Call 440-748-8231 or click here to book your next tee time now. We look forward to seeing you soon and providing you with a fantastic golfing experience!

If you have any questions, would like more information regarding our facility or want to schedule an event, please give us a ring at (440) 748-8231 or send us a message by clicking here.