Ladies League

Ladies League

– at Mallard Creek Golf Club –

The “Ladies League” offers a fun and inviting atmosphere for all ladies to enjoy a weekly round of golf. Rounds are played Tuesday evenings starting at 5:30 p.m. The first day of league play will be Tuesday, May 3rd. League play will rotate among our four nines in order to give players a different experience each week. The league is designed for friendly competition. Ladies of all different skill levels are welcome to join!

This league is a great way to meet other lady golfers and enjoy some fun in the summer sun together! We facilitate a different challenge each week such as 2-Player Scrambles, Skills Shot Challenges, Putting Contests, etc. League fees are $40.00 which covers two cookouts, prizes, management of the league, and tracking of handicaps. Attendance is encouraged but not required. After your initial initial sign up fee is covered you just pay week to week as you go. Greens fees for the Ladies League are as follows:

  • 9 holes walking – $13.00
  • 9 holes riding – $22.00
  • Senior 9 holes walking – $12.00
  • Senior 9 holes riding – $19.00

We also offer a Ladies Clinic if you would like to get your skills up to par before joining the league. All are welcome in the Ladies League here at The Duck!

Fore more details call Joe at (440) 748-8231. You can also email him at