Golf Etiquette

Golf etiquette refers to a set of practices designed to make golf more enjoyable and safe for everybody at the golf course. Although etiquette does not have so much to do with the actual rules governing golf, a working understanding of etiquette is a good thing to have for players of all ages and skill levels. Below are ten quick-bits of golf etiquette to help you and your group enjoy your round(s) of golf to the fullest.

Why Golf Is Not Struggling

With the economy struggling for much of the mid to late 2000’s, many industries and businesses have seen declines across the board. Golf has been no different, although there is a fair amount of pessimistic reporting that the golf industry as a whole is doomed. Sure, golf has seen a steady decline in both the number of players and the rounds played each year, but that does not mean the entire industry in itself has no ability to compete and obtain success.

Meet Our Pros

Meet Trummie Hudson, our resident pro since joiningthe staff at Mallard Creek in 2009. He earned his Professional Teaching Certificiate at the United States Golf Teachers Federation. Trummie has been teaching golf since 1991.

Trummie began playing golf at the prompting of his colleagues asking him to join the company golf league. He joined the league and quickly became a very good player and was hooked. His game continued to grow and before he knew it, he was playing competitively in many local tournaments.