Terms and Conditions

– Range passes are valid 7-days a week during open range times at Mallard Creek Golf Club.

– All range pass holders are required to have a valid photo I.D. when checking in with pro shop staff.

– If a range pass / unlimited range balls are used by anyone other than the pass holder, Mallard Creek Golf Club has the option to revoke the range pass without refund. – As a range pass holder, you agree to always check in with pro shop staff prior to using the driving range.

– All range pass holders can hit an unlimited amount of range balls at anytime when the range is open. Range pass holders may take one bucket of balls (any size) at a time. You are welcome to come back into the pro shop for additional buckets as often as you would like.

– Mallard Creek Golf Club is responsible for the distribution of all alcoholic beverages at the facility. Therefore, as a range pass holder, you agree that you will not bring person alcoholic beverages. This is consistent with Ohio law.

– All range balls are to be hit off of the mats at the driving range. Please do not hit off of the grass in front of the mats.

– If you use range balls on the putting/chipping greens, please be sure to pick up all of the golf balls upon completion of your practice.

– Range pass holders will not be allowed access to the range during rare periods when it is closed for maintenance, weather or special events.